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Most valuable contribution you can make to bring CHANGE, leading to Clean Politics and Good Governance, is extending your SUPPORT and it costs nothing in terms of money, time or resources. When you decide to be a Supporter of Smast Bhartiya Party, then you have subscribed to support an ideology and a mission and not any particular person or persons. The persons having various designations in the Party are the dedicated people carrying on the job of achieving its mission.

We advise that before you decide to be a SUPPORTER, please go through the mission and ideology of the Party.

When you become a SUPPORTER, you are not required to fill any form or give any missed call or send SMS / E mail etc. However, if you want us to know about you, then you may fill the Supporter Form.

As a SUPPORTER you shall have following responsibilities;

  • Engage with us and give your inputs.
  • Poll your VOTE.
  • Defend and spread the ideology and mission.
  • Read and/or listen about the activities of the Party.
  • If possible, participate in the activities of the Party.
  • If possible, make financial contribution whatever you can.
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