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It is our humble request that before you offer yourself to become a Volunteer, please go through the website of the Party so that you know clearly what we are intending to do. Volunteer is defined as “a person who performs a service willingly for a cause and without pay.”

SBP believes that in the modern world of democracy, politics is the biggest medium of social service as it has the Power, Resources and the Responsibility to serve the people. However, the politicians must be honest and of good intent otherwise politics will be used for meeting selfish ends. Unfortunately, our politicians are using politics for selfish ends. This needs to CHANGE and this can only happen when honest, educated and efficient persons of good intent enter politics.

Smast Bhartiya Party is all about this and provides platform to persons who want to serve the people.

SBP needs a whole lot of Volunteers to perform several functions. We need your services for the mission with mind, body and soul. It would be your contribution for building the nation, you and the coming generations will be proud of.

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