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Clean Politics and Good Governance
SBP believes that clean politics and good governance is the only need of the nation.

What Clean Politics and Good Governance will achieve:

  • No corruption at the top and less corruption at the lower level.
  • More efficiency in planning and decision making.
  • Systems and laws will be amended for them to be people friendly.
  • All round conditions will improve, be it roads, electricity, water, health services, law and order, unemployment, education system etc.
  • Income levels of people will rise.
  • Better government services to the people.

Look what is happening around us.

  • UPA / NDA at central government level failed in providing clean politics and good governance as its leaders have been marred in Scandals, Corruption, Mismanagement, Inefficiencies, Deficient in Policy Making and Execution etc.
    Result: People are suffering.

  • Congress and earlier governments in Haryana failed in providing clean politics and good governance. The very foundation of Congress government in Haryana was laid on corruption. Chief Minister is called a Property Dealer and Ministers have been engaged in corrupt practices. The conditions in the State are bad and has deficit budget year after year and Public Debt at the end of March 31, 2015 will rise to 81,806 Crore as per the budget estimates.
    Result: People are suffering.

  • Look in other States of India, you will find similar situations existing.
    Result: People are suffering.

We all know this but how Clean Politics and Good Governance can be achieved is the question.

There is no quick fix and it cannot be achieved overnight. It has to be a sustained effort by all. People have to stop electing the Parties who have failed and put pressure on those who are in the running. New leaders and Parties are to be given a chance. Change cannot be expected from those who have been in seat of power and had their chance.

Clean, Principled, Competent and Efficient people with vision must engage in active politics and people must elect them, then only there is chance of clean politics and good governance.

SBP is an effort in this direction.