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Issues of Today

If we start listing the issues faced by the society and the country at large, the list will be endless. Smast Bhartiya Party considers Character and Integrity of our Leaders as the major issue. Other related issues are;

  •   Nepotism
  •   Corruption
  •   External terrorism
  •   Uniform Civil Code
  •   Internal insurgency
  •   National Identity Card
  •   Criminalization of politics
  •   Caste based Reservation system
  •   Collapse of deterrence structure
  •   Failure of dispensing justice swiftly
  •   Caste, Religion and Region based politics
  •   British legacy laws of to Rule still in place.
  •   Lack of political will to make hard decisions
  •   Inefficient functioning and accountability of State machinery
  •   Inefficient functioning of our Municipalities and Panchayats
  •   Failure or bad planning in implementing laws and policies.

SBP believes that the solution to all of above and many more issues lies with the intention and the willpower of our political leaders. Educated people of good moral character who wish to serve the society and the nation must engage in active politics, only then we have a chance to address the above issues. Indian people must support and encourage evolution of neo political leadership.

If we succeed in addressing the above issues, India will become a developed nation in real sense.

SBP is a step in that direction.