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The promoters of the Party understand that in today’s materialistic world there is little time one can find from the pressures of routine life. Depending on your circumstances and feelings towards the community and the nation, you can decide, how you would like to support the Party.

One can support the Party in any one or combination of the following three ways;

1. Morally
     Supporting the Party morally means;

  • Believe in the mission and ideology of the Party and become its Support Member.
  • Promote the mission of the Party to persons with whom you have personal contact.
  • Support and participate in the activities of the Party to the extent possible.
  • Think how and what you can do for the development of the locality you live in, community and the country.
  • Poll your vote.

2. Devoting Time
Those who choose to devote time for the Party please become a Volunteer or a Primary Member of the Party and fill in the required form. Smast Bhartiya Party shall try to utilize their time accordingly.

3. Engaging in Active Politics
Those who would like to engage in active politics, please join the Party by becoming its Primary Member. Party will assign the responsibilities and designation after assessing the member's credentials.

4. Contributing Funds
Those who decide to support the Party by contributing funds can do so through internet or by sending the demand draft or cheque in the name of the Party to the Head Office address.

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