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Smast Bhartiya Party’s founders and leaders are honest, well intentioned, educated and competent to do clean politics and provide good governance.

SBP conducts regular interactive seminars, discussions and training programs to imprint in the minds of the evolving SBP leaderships its mission and principles. It is quite possible that bad elements may enter the Party but they cannot rise in the hierarchy of the party or last with the Party due to strict adherence toits principles. In the present day atmosphere, it is a time consuming exercise to build the correct leadership.

Each office bearer or the nominee to contest any election on Party symbol has to take an oath which is described below for the information of the readers;


"In the name of God and God as my witness, I hereby take an oath and pledge myself towards achieving the mission and agenda of Smast Bhartiya Party with honesty and integrity.

I shall always follow the action plan and directives of the Party and fulfill all duties and responsibilities assigned to me to the best of my ability.

I shall not succumb to pressures of any kind or influenced by any measures (financial or non-financial) in discharging my duties for achieving the mission and agenda of the Party."

SBP would like to assure its supporters and general public at large that its leadership is committed to serve the people with honesty and integrity and has the intent and competence.