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Our 5 Point Agenda

SBP has a five point agenda and if people give us the mandate, we will work to implement it. With this implementation, the people will be happy and prosperous and the States and Country will become well developed.

1. Make every Indian village, town, city, district and state well developed, capable and well managed.
This is the responsibility of the Rural Development Department and the Town and Country Planning Department.

SBP shall work to ensure that the basic amenities as required are well planned and provided and each of the unit i.e. village or town etc. is well developed to its needs and has resources for it to be well managed.

2. Ensure that people of every religion, community, caste and category get what they deserve.
Primarily this is the responsibility of the Social Justice Department.

SBP shall formulate strategies to build one State level organization for each religion, for each community, for each caste and for each category of people so that State Government can engage with them for meeting their aspirations.

Religion: Hindu, Muslims, Christians, Sikh etc.
Community / Caste: Balmiki, Dhanak, Jatav, Saini, Ahir, Kumhar, Bishnoi, Kamnoj, Ror, Punjabi, Brahman, Rajput, Vaish, Jat etc.
Category: Poor, Middle Class, Upper Middle Class, Rich.

3. Increase the income level of the people
This is the responsibility of the Economic Development Department.

SBP shall ensure that policies are made in such a way that sustained economic growth takes place in industry, services sector, tourism, agro sector, sports and general trading sector. State government shall work to provide required infrastructure for the growth of these sectors. Capital inflows will be planned.

Policies for income growth in the form of employment opportunities, self-employment schemes, setting up small scale industries and workshops etc. will be streamlined.

Financial management of state resources shall be made more efficient. Wasteful expenditures shall be pruned.

Strategies shall be built and implemented to achieve this most important agenda.

4. Support the needy people
This is the responsibility of the Social Justice Department.

There are many people who are unable to help themselves and need support in one form or the other. SBP Government will provide support to such people. The examples of persons falling in this category are;

  • Old age persons
  • Handicap people
  • Destitute women
  • Students etc.

5. Address the problems of Corruption, Inflation, Illiteracy, Unemployment, Law and Order, Electricity and Water, Roads, Health Services etc.
There are separate departments in the State Govt. to handle matters relating to above.

SBP shall improve the working of all these departments to provide better services to the people.

Generally if the intentions, will power and mindset of the political leadership is strong, the above is achievable with sustained efforts.