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Sudesh K. Aggarwal (Brief Profile)

( Founder of Smast Bhartiya Party )

Nationalist to the Core
Committed to play his part in bringing CHANGE in the Prevailing Conditions and Systems


Sudesh Aggarwal, Founder of Smast Bhartiya Party, believes that CHANGE in prevailing conditions and systems in the Country and the Statescan only be brought in by engaging in active politics. The good and principled people who have shunned away from politics must be brought back in the system to cleanse the politics and that only would lead to better governance, efficient administration and change in conditions and systems. Listen to his quote "Rajniti se deshchaltahai"

Sudesh Aggarwal, born in 1952 in a middle class family, completed his education of B.Com, and MBAin 1973, left India in 1975 and has been abroad since then. He has a house in Gurgaon and conducts his political activity from there. In spite of his living overseas for the last 38 years, the Indian in him never died. Although his name appeared in the list of 100 most influential Indians in the Gulf published by Arabian Business but he is primarily more a community man and likes to work for enhancing Indian pride and building brand India.

Mr. Aggarwal is an industrialist and his economic condition can be judged from the fact that he lives in Dubai’s poshest locality of Emirates Hills and owns a fleet of cars including Rolls Royce, Bentleys, Ferrari, Aston Martin, BMWs, Range Rover etc. His passion to serve his motherland is so huge that hehas left all these comforts behind.

His wife Neelam Aggarwal is full time engaged with him in political activity. His two sons, Suneel and Sumeet, born and brought up in UAE live in Dubai and manage the business.

Mr. Aggarwal is a principled, disciplined, hardworking man of impeccable character and integrity and possesses all the qualities of leadership.

Leaders like SardarVallabh Bhai Patel, SubhashChander Bose, Ram ManoharLohia, LalBahadurShastri, Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar and above all the will power of Mahatma Gandhi have influence on the thoughts of Mr. Aggarwal.