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Plans for Haryana
Our vision for Haryana is very clear and that is:

  • Provide clean politics, good governance and efficient administration based on honesty and integrity.
  • Build character and imbibe ethics in the political culture.
  • Execute our 5 point agenda.
  • Fulfill main task of the government i.e. create happiness for the people.
  • Make Haryana a developed and well managed state.

Our major plans are;

  • Build a four lane State Highway i.e. North to South and East to West so that the movement of people and goods can be fast for industrial development.
  • Develop Jind as the working capital as it falls in the centre of Haryana. With this the people will be able to reach and return back to their homes same day from anywhere in Haryana after availing the government services.
  • Develop agro based industries and storage facilities to create employment opportunities at the village level itself.
  • Strengthen infrastructure i.e. of Electricity, Water and Roads.
  • Review and amend systems and laws to the present day requirements so that they are not the hindrance in providing good governance and efficient administration.
  • Major focus on addressing issues that affect the day to day lives of the people i.e. Education, Health Services, Road Transport and Law and Order.

Our detailed manifesto will be released in due course of time.