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In the jungle of so many Parties, the question arises WHY should I vote for SBP?

You may be a neutral voter who is either voting first time or has voted to somebody in the past. You may be a member or a supporter of a Party. It does not matter.

Democracy is good form of governance only if voter votes smartly without selfish interests. The old saying “Yatha Raja YathaPraja” has changed in democracy and now it is "YathaJantaYatha Leaders and Sarkar".

Voter has a huge responsibility in democratic form of governance. In our view Voter has to keep in mind following factors while deciding in whose favour he/she should caste the vote;

  • The vision and mission of the Party. What it shall be doing to make life of the people happier.
  • Past performance of the Party.
  • Character of the Leader of the Party.

Your vote will decide what kind of government you will get and functioning of government affects the lives of the people.
In the light of above, let us analyze SBP whether it is worthy of your vote or not;

  • SBP has a very clear vision and mission and it believes that Government’s primary responsibility is to make the lives of people happier. It’s short, medium and long term goals and action plan is well defined.
  • SBP came into existence in 2009 only because of the bad conditions prevailing in the country. The ethical values and character of the political leaders deteriorated consequently the governments failed to perform as they should have. SBP will bring back the ethical values in the political culture and can be judged for its intentions and capabilities and track record of its Founder. Because of no past track record, SBP wants to prove itself in one State first and that is why it says "PehleBadlenge Haryana Pradesh Fir BadlengePoora Desh".
  • The ethical values, principles, character, capability and intentions of the Leaders of the Party are impeccable and has been proved in public life since last 10 years without any doubt.

You must gather as much information as you can about SBP, study and analyze it, form your opinion and if you agree then cast your vote in favour of SBP.