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Youth Empowerment

When 50% population of the country is youth below the age of 35 years, then it is imperative that the governments work for engaging this productive human resource in building the nation and producing more goods and services.

Today all political parties talk about youth but very few does anything concrete for looking after the interests of youth be it providing quality education, creating job opportunities, access to easy finance for education, easy self-employment schemes, sporting facilities and easy finance for setting up business ventures etc. Most political parties will use the youth at election times for votes and thereafter forget about them altogether.

SBP is different in its thinking and approach for empowering youth. SBP once gets the mandate of the people; its vision is to empower youth by following actions;

  • Build a four lane State Highway i.e. North to South and East to West so that the movement of people and goods can be fast for industrial development.
  • Strengthen education system so that job oriented quality education is imparted.
  • Train youth in more than 1,000 professions as is done in many other countries.
  • Implement policies for employment of local youth in Haryana industries.
  • Develop sporting institutions so that sports can develop as profession.
  • Provide access to easy loans for studies.
  • Make rules and conditions simpler for self-employment schemes.
  • Make rules simpler for availability of finance to set up small and medium scale industries.
  • Create employment opportunities

SBP believes that first it has to empower the youth economically. Those who are economically self-sufficient can take active part in politics to serve the people.

However, youth must fulfill its responsibility of electing persons / Party who can take the State or the Country forward and has the intention to empower the youth.